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Simply Speak to Record Keep!

Your Prepared Digital Work Space

Make lesson planning and reports an effortless part of your work cycle

Introduction Video
Record Keeping
& Planning
& Sharing

MRX helps make your classroom working hours more efficient
with a personalized and prepared digital workspace

Helping educators guide meaningful lessons.

Improves the quality of what you do by providing resources and extra tools.

700+ Unique videos to MRX
Assistant Training
A helpful way to prepare classroom aid
Lesson Demos
Convenient and quick presentation reminders
Parent Education
Provides overview to parents
School Management
Keys to supporting school efficiency and productivity
Montessori Pioneers
Inspirational speakers to boost the Montessori mission
Videos designed by Eric Johnson and Montessorians with varying backgrounds. Learn more here.
Standard Alignment
  • Montessori curriculum already aligned to the Common State Standard
  • Lesson sets with complete alignments to standards, K-6th available
  • Build your census by sharing students academic achievements compared to state benchmarks
  • Create reports to show parents how the Montessori method meets or exceeds objectives
Since 1995, Lisa Adarve has been customizing National and State standards. Learn more here.

Connecting the Circle between Classroom and Family

Communicate freely with student caregivers

Welcome your families into their school world with a secure and friendly parent portal.
  • The portal homepage can display your school's logo with a customizable message board.
  • Upload, edit and share pictures and videos instantly through the Student Media screen.
  • Share Material Demonstration and Parent Educational videos and specific Montessori lesson information linked to their child's student activity.
  • Display personalized conference and cumulative reports, progress analysis graphs, and up to date student activity.
  • Allow parents to update their family profile including child's medical records.
  • Access school-wide resources like, calendar events, attendance records, class and school directories, birthday and holidays lists.
  • Educators have complete control over the parent portal. Decide what parents see for their specific child's needs.

What makes MRX Unique ?

Translated into 10 languages. Customize lesson names and progress reports for parents in their native language. Deutsch, Française, 簡化字, 中文, Polski, Español, Slovene, 日本語,עברית, Україна, Română.
One on one customer service and training available weekdays, evenings and weekends. We share our personal phone number so you can always reach us.

MRX saves you time when you use Albanesi Montessori, Conceptual Learning, and Laughing Star. Copy their curriculum in seconds.

Receive monthly MRX tips and Montessori resources. Reach out to other Montessori schools from around the world! Share and learn from one another.
It has been our mission since 2002 to listen to the voices of Montessorians across the globe to better their record-keeping goals.
Choose from a variety of lesson sets to sync with your classroom environment. Includes AMI, AMS, training centers, professional template, and MRX community lesson lists.
Access MRX globally on any web-browser and device - laptop, desktop, tablet, iPad and mobile device.


MRX is created and inspired by Montessorians. See what they have to say!

Our Story

1 Our Background
MRX was created by Dave and Sue Rabkin, a husband and wife team. While Volunteering in our daughters' Montessori classroom, we noticed how much time teachers spent on record keeping. In 2002 we began building MRX for one elementary teacher. The goal of MRX from the beginning has been to free Montessori teachers from much of the burden of record keeping.

Our Mission
We are professional software designers with more than 35 years experience each. We have developed both large and small systems for individuals, small and large businesses. More importantly, we are the parents of 2 children, now in college, who attended Montessori schools since they were 2 and 3 years old and thru 8th and 9th grades. We believe in the Montessori Method.2

Our vision
3 Since 2002, with input from hundreds of teachers from infant through high school levels we have attempted to design a solution so simple to use that record keeping is completed while in class. That means your lunch time is yours and when you go home for the day, your record keeping is done.

Comparing our Cost

Compare our rate. We are more affordable than other record keeping systems.
MRX has a flat, yearly rate of $325 per class.

  • MRX makes the average class size over 30% more affordable than other systems.
  • Budget your year with one cost - no fluctuations as students enter mid-year.
  • No confusing calculations - $325 a year per classroom. period.

Explore For Yourself

MRX Follows the child with you,
every step of the way.

3 Months Money-Back Guarantee

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