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With automated planning and reports, MRX means you don't spend time after school record keeping. Just record observations throughout your day with 4 clicks of your mouse or 4 taps on your tablet/iPad. It's faster than recording on paper.

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Recording progress with MRX averages about 30 minutes per week. Teachers average a total of 15 minutes or less to create conference report comments and to generate a conference report. Find out how much time per year you can save with MRX. Change the numbers below for each question to match your teaching experience.

Hours Spent

Planning and recording lessons for your class per week?

Creating a conference report for each child, on average?

How many conference reports do you produce per year?

How many students are in your classroom?


Hours Saved

Planning and recording information per year:

Generating reports per year:

Total hours saved:

Days saved per year (at 7 hours per workday):

I could gain months of free time each year!

Public & Charter School Features

MRX is the leader in serving public and charter Montessori schools. . . and for good reason. We are committed to making Montessori easier to implement for public schools to ensure that public Montessori education is successful and far-reaching. Teachers can now align their lessons to the Common Core State Standards. For teachers who would like a complete list of presentations, MRX has worked with AMS to provide one in the sequence they should be presented.

  • Teachers and administrators can generate reports that show student progress in common core standards terms.
  • Automatically align a select list of lessons to the Common Core State Standards.
  • Show parents and educators the success of the Montessori method!

Parent Communication Tools

MRX is conscious of a parent’s investment in their child’s education. That is why MRX created a component called the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal allows parents to log in to MRX and view school or student information from any Internet-connected computer. This creates an involvement between school and family like never before. Depending on the school’s discretion, parents can see:

  • Attendance & Conference Reports
  • Birthday Lists
  • Class/School Directories
  • School Terms and Holidays
  • Allergy and Medical Information
  • Educational Videos
  • Child Videos & Photos

Smart Phone and Tablet Ready

  • Access MRX on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone.
  • MRX now offers a mobile app at no extra charge!
  • The mobile app, an extension of the online subscription service, is designed to facilitate teacher’s record keeping.
  • All records correlate to the online desktop version so that information is consistent and up to date.
  • Enjoy free-range record keeping!